We Are All Different And This Is Why It’s Beautiful

We are all different and this is why it's beautiful

We have a different kind of relationship with every other person. With some we talk of superheroes, with some we talk about our family, with some we talk of stars, with some we talk about mundane things.
There are some people who never get tired of showing us superiority. Then, there are some people whom we always think of as inferior. We share a different bond with every other person we meet in this world. God has made us all different. Some are highly intellectual. Some are highly romantic.
Some with low emotional quotient while some with high.
When we get out into this world, explore things and meet new people, we realize the differences in our thinking. No matter how much we hide our judgmental mind from others, we, humans, in our raw state do judge others. With some we agree while with others we argue. We admire someone’s belief and start practicing the same, while we despise someone else’s belief.
“We can always love someone while we can never love someone. We crave for someone while someone craves for us. Some like cars. Some like butterflies. Some pray to God for mercy while some are just grateful.”
Isn’t the whole concept of not making every individual the same interesting? The world would be a very boring place if everyone would have the same brain and same heart. Socialization couldn’t exist. We couldn’t evolve.
There’s a charm and amazement in every new meeting. There’s also a disappointment in every new meeting. The girl you met yesterday was different. The guy you will meet tomorrow is different.
the unvisited We are all different and this is why it's beautiful
Each one of us has a different story. Each one of us has different moments of happiness. Each one of us has different sufferings. Then, why do we expect perfectionism in the other person? Or, why do we struggle to become a perfect person?
We often weigh the other person according to our belief system. Some are perfect for us in every way and some can never be. We always forget that we see the world only from our perspective.
Considering the world population, there are millions of perspectives. And as many worlds as there are people. Each person has their own world. Others are just a part of our world while we are just a part of their world. There are millions of hearts, there are millions of feelings.
“We are just a particle of sand on the shore of life. Sometimes dry. Sometimes wet.
Let’s just move with the flow and meet someone new every day.”
Let there be amazement, let there be disappointment.
Let there be some life!

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