“Trump Draws”-Twitter account turns Donald Trump into a painter


On January 28, 2017 the 45th U.S. President, Donald Trump signed three executive actions in White House which included:

  • Imposing a five-year lobbying ban for administration officials.
  • Reorganizing the National Security Council’s structure.
  • Calling for a plan to be delivered to him within 30 days on how to defeat ISIS.

The event was recorded by many. After the images & clips got circulated in social networking sites, many people went nuts and put their creativity to one of the best uses “trolling”.

One such twitter account which got famous overnight is ‘Trump Draws’, which shows Donald Trump painting like a kindergarten child. The twitter account describes itself as “I am the President and I like to Draw”. Below are some funny tweets from ‘Trump Draws’:

‘Trump Draws’ is a newly created account and in just 2 days it has reached 129K followers.
It is not the first incident when Trump got trolled on twitter. One of the picture which got trolled was the Trump holding a sign, while he was giving a speech for the National Association of Home Builders. Some of the popular tweets related to it are:

Now we can say that the world is full of creativity!!

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