Man tried helping a ‘lost dog’ but was surprised after reading the dog’s ID


Tyler Wilson, from Kentucky, was refueling his car at a gas station, when he found a dog roaming around. The dog came to him and sat near him. Having seen the dog couple of weeks earlier at the same location worried him. He assumed that the dog is lost. So, he thought to help the Labrador to find his home. The twist occurred when he saw the dog’s collar which had a tag which reads:

“My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.”

Image Courtesy: Twitter/Tyler Wilson

Tyler was overjoyed after seeing this. After knowing the truth, Tyler befriended the dog by hugging and petting.

Here is Tyler’s tweet of the day:

After the tweet went viral, the labrador ‘Dew’ became a celebrity on social media. He even has his own twitter page as DewsAdventure. The animal is famous in his hometown, who loves to wander around and meet new people. He is actually a pet of a family who lives near the gas station. ‘Dew’ carries a GPS tracker with him. So, his family always know his whereabouts.

Now, this is what I call sheer cuteness.

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