How Every Single Feels On Valentine’s Day-A Must Read

How every single feels on valentines day

Not everyone is so lucky to have a valentine on 14th February. Some of us are doomed, it seems, to endure an eternity of single-hood. No matter how hard we try, it seems like an impossibility for us to get a valentine and do valentiney things on valentine’s day(too much “valentine” in a sentence?). I suffered the same fate and happen to know many people who find themselves in a similar situation. I mean, why isn’t there a “world single’s day”?

Why isn't there a World's Single Day
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Especially, when I see those mushy couples walking hand in hand and lost in each other’s eyes, I feel like a f**king second class, underprivileged citizen. I know many of you feel the same. As though it wasn’t bad enough that we are single, they invented “valentine’s day!” to rub salt on our wounds.  Let me be honest and tell you what I feel. Valentine’s day must have been invented for two reasons: To celebrate love (duh!) AND to mock singles. I understand that most couples don’t intend to hurt the singles out there but their being a couple is a hurtful fact in itself!  We can’t help it! I feel like I am being wrongfully deprived of some special privilege that people who are “couples” get to enjoy.

And the worst part is, you can’t escape it. No matter where you go, the “valentine’s day” atmosphere is there! You switch on your TV and there it is. Some stupid commercial trying to sell you stuff by getting you excited about the Valentine’s season. You switch on your computer, hoping to browse something important and its there, spoiling your pleasant state of mind and rubbing the fact on your face that you don’t have a valentine, that you are single on valentine’s day. What a loser you are!

How every single person feels on valentines day

Don’t even get me started on social media! That’s the worst of the lot. It bombards you with stuff related to valentine’s day. I literally dread opening my Facebook account because I know what I am going to find. You decide to go out and take a walk in a bid to escape all the aforesaid torments and you walk into a balloon seller selling outrageously red, heart shaped balloons. Oh, it gets worse, when he innocently tries to sell you one of those balloons, and you try to explain haplessly that you have no use of stuff that are bought as cute gestures of love.

All our friends who are in a relationship put up those annoying, cheesy whatsapp status  and DP with tiny heart emojis. And some of the cruel friends, who clearly know that you are single, decide to test your patience.

They send an innocently sarcastic ping “So, What are you doing on 14th?”. Only God (and other singles) can understand the way I feel when I read that ping. I suppress an overpowering urge to send abusive replies and blocking them and send an equally serene reply “Nothing. You?”.

How single feel on valentine's dayAnd then starts the “Dude! Its valentine’s day! What do you mean you are doing “nothing”?  I go offline and sulk. I brace myself for the dreadful day and when it does arrive, I lock myself up in my room and watch all the episodes of my favorite series, as if waiting for a storm to pass.

Some of us bitch about valentine’s day being an unnecessary, over-hyped day, that we are better off being single, that ”we don’t need no valentine” but deep down we wish we could be with someone special and do all the things that those mushy couples do. We envy them, but we obviously can’t admit that (ego reasons 😉 ).

How every single feels on valentines day

Quite a rant wasn’t it? I hope you enjoyed it and I am pretty sure that I speak for most of the singles out there. To all my single friends out there :  Do not lose hope, do not lose faith. It is OK to feel bad about your single-hood sometimes, but enjoy it while it lasts! Who knows, you might get lucky and next year, on the 14th of Feb , actually end up missing ‘being single’ on Valentine’s day 😉 . Be a good sport and do like and share with all your ‘single’ (and not-so-single) friends.