14 heartfelt excerpts from Gulzar’s poetries that will show you love & life in a whole new light

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Poetry is a medium through which one attempts to share a piece of one’s own heart with the help of words, and very few do it better than Gulzar. He has a way of expressing deep emotions and complex feelings with astounding simplicity and ease. His lyrics seem to come from the very depths of his being and his words have the power to transport us to a different world altogether. Gulzar’s poetry has been like drops of rain on the parched dry land of our hearts. What follows is a compilation of 14 such precious gems from Gulzar.


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The unvisited gulzar poetry


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After reading these touching lines, you would surely like to know a little more about Gulzar, the man himself. So, here is a quick fact about him:

Gulzar was born in a Kalra Sikh family in Jhelum District, British India (now in Pakistan) and his original name is Sampooran Singh Kalra. Initially, his father did not support his writing and consistently scolded him. Hence, he chose the pen name “Gulzar Deenvi” over his original name to sign his writings, and later simply¬†‘Gulzar’.

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