Death Beam-The Monster Weapon That Could Wipe Out Entire Armies In A Matter Of Seconds

The Unvisited - Death Beam Nikola Tesla

If you are reading this article, and you were born between the 20th & 21st century, then there is a good chance that you grew up watching or reading Superman. Superman had a whole lot of powers other than his astonishing physical strength. The most destructive power that he had though, was the heat vision, or the beam he used to shoot through his eyes. A beam, powerful enough to cut through metals and pulverize stones. But that was fiction! Superman and all his powers were just a fantasy. Well, may be not.

What if I told you that there was a weapon just like the destructive beams from Superman’s eyes? What if I told you that there was a weapon so dangerous that it could make an entire army drop dead in its tracks?

What if I told you that such was the power of this monster that it could destroy whole squadrons of aircrafts? And if that doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, this will: It could turn metals directly to their vapor state and it was powerful enough to cut through diamond, which is the hardest known substance in the world.

Meet the “Death Beam”, the forgotten monster weapon that was killed before it was born, thankfully!

The “Death Beam” was the brain-child of the famous physicist Nikola Tesla, one of the most badass physicists the world has ever seen.

The Unvisited Death Beam Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

Although, may be as an act of philanthropy he didn’t go ahead with making the delivery apparatus for the death beam. He thought it was simply too dangerous and would be misused leading to catastrophic wars and mass destruction of life.

What would have happened if it was actually invented? (*shudders*)

Just to warm you up to the idea, the following may have unfolded if the death beam was really invented:

  • The second world war would have been a different story altogether. America and the nations possessing this technology would emerge as the undisputed world super powers having total control over the dynamics of the globe.
  • Considering Tesla was an American scientist, the Nazis and the fascists would have been easily defeated.
  • World war II would have ended much earlier and perhaps nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki wouldn’t have been necessary. Neither would pearl harbor have taken place.
  • In the wrong hands, it could have led to almost total destruction and annihilation of life.

The Unvisited Death Beam Nikola Tesla

What is it actually?

I know many of you reading this may not have a science background, so I’ll try to explain it without getting into too much of scientific jargon.

Think of particles smaller than atoms flying at a speed close to that of light’s. These sub-atomic particles flying at high velocity would have gained enormous energy which would make them dangerous, very dangerous! They would, in turn generate a high-powered beam, scientifically known as “Particle Beam“. When these individual particle beams are concentrated as one narrow beam (thinner than a hair), their power gets multiplied many times. And when shot at a metal, it could turn the metal into vapor in a matter of seconds. Just think, what it would do to flesh.

The Unvisited Nikola Tesla Death Beam


Therefore it can be inferred that, if put to evil use as a weapon, it could kill entire platoons of soldiers, bring down squadrons of airplanes (shooting over 200 miles accurately), demolish buildings, structures or worse wipe out the entire biosphere of a place. Nothing would be able to stand in its path making it one of the deadliest weapons of mass destruction with surgical capability.

In a way, perhaps we are lucky that the death beam never saw the light of the day and was aborted soon after conception. Otherwise, it could have changed the course of modern history and the present times as we know it. The world might have been a very different place, for the better or worse, we will never know.