Break Your Heart Until It Opens

the unvisited break your heart until it opens love

We are very much afraid of falling in love again. Because we were hurt before. We become stiff as a rock. Not dropping our guards next time. Someone came in our life and crushed our heart mercilessly. Our feelings and emotions had no value. All we were left with was tears and pain inflicting memories.

We will never be the same. We harden ourselves. We build a wall to restrict ourselves from becoming vulnerable again. Fear dwells upon us every time someone new seeks us for a relationship.

“He/She will also break my heart.”,

“He/She just needs my money/body.”,

“This person will also cheat on me.”,

“I will not be emotionally vulnerable this time.”,

“I will make sure I don’t fall in love again.”

We become insecure. We close ourselves. Not understanding that not everyone is the same. May be this new person genuinely likes you but you are not ready to give him/her a chance. We don’t want those painful sleepless nights once again.

But for how long will you protect yourself? Will you choose to be this way forever? No, right? You might be going through an emotional storm now. You might need a break from romantic relationships. But don’t shun your emotional part for too long. One person not understanding your value doesn’t mean you’re ugly or worthless. There are a lot of other people who might find you interesting. Who might find you funny. Who might find you to be the most beautiful person. Just keep your eyes and your heart open. And give them a chance.

Try to get emotionally involved, see how the next person responds. If you find them to be caring enough, then get along. If you don’t feel loved then you already know how to move on. Because you’ve already been through heartbreaks. You have handled yourself before and you can do the same this time also.

Not giving life a chance is not fair. Real love can find you only if you are ready to accept it like you did the first time it knocked at your door.

the unvisited break your heart until it opens

You might complain that I did love someone wholeheartedly but I didn’t get it back. So, why should I give my love again to someone else so easily?

The answer is “To break your heart multiple times. To┬ábreak it until it opens.

Only when you have trusted and broken your heart enough times you will reach a point where you’ll realize that love is not a game of defenses. Love is a space where you have to drop your guards. You can love freely only if you are not afraid to have your heart broken.

Next time you’ll be emotionally stronger. You will not fear heartbreak. You will just fall in love. Not for the sake of falling in love. But just to experience love. After all

“A broken heart is better than a heart that has never fallen in love.”

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