Be a God in bed – The ultimate secret


The perfect elixir for eternal virility! look no further. I have here for you the ancient secret of becoming a god in bed. But let me warn you that this is an extremely powerful and potent method and once you master it there is no going back. You will be sought after for your sexual prowess and naturally, when that happens your confidence will soar and life will be beautiful.

If you do this one thing, I guarantee you that you will see results immediately or your money will be returned, no questions asked! Wait, back up a little bit. There is no money involved! Sorry, I got a bit carried away there. But call me lucky that I stumbled upon this magical method and I want to share it with you. Are you ready? Here it is:

It is called relax, let go and be present.

Wait, Wait, Wait! Don’t hate me yet. Hear me out! I promise you, this is worth your time.

I know that most of you guys must have been expecting some sort of divine revelation or some magical Tibetan herb by this point but trust me, the truth is simple as it sounds.

I’m telling you this from my personal experience. Believe it or not, this simple three–fold process has actually changed my life. I too had doubts and skepticism about this. So, let me walk you through each of the components of this process step-by-step, after learning this process, you will no longer be the same person. Read on..

1. Relax

“The secret of high performance is- to not think about performance”

I’m serious. This is the first stepping stone toward amazing time between the sheets and earth shaking orgasms. Completely relax, laugh and listen to some soothing music. In essence, chill! Loosen up. If you are serious, scowling and worried about your “performance”, trust me you are going to SUCK. Meditate if that’s your thing. Keep it light, nice and easy. DO NOT TRY TO ACT LIKE A PORN STAR.


“Porn is not a substitute for sex”

Sad reality of today is, most people derive their idea of sex from porn. I did too. I’m not here to preach against porn or anything but trust me, it really messes up your real–life experience. So, if you can’t completely stop your daily dosage of porn, try to cut back to a bare minimum. Physical intimacy is about exploration and discovery. It is taken away from us by porn. At present, we are bombarded with explicit pornographic material from all direction which makes it difficult to avoid it. Even worse, it is considered natural and cool in some cultures. If you say that you don’t watch porn, you become the target of ridicule of your peers. You are made fun of.

Sex is an innate, natural thing which has been made into a bigger deal than necessary.  People do not have easy access to physical intimacy, and that’s why they turn towards porn. Porn distorts your natural, primal perception and experience of physical intimacy. AND it sets unrealistic standards and expectations. What was supposed to be an amazing mutual experience turns into a competition or a performance of some kind on which you will be graded. It becomes an ugly game of living up to expectations and setting standards.

So let go. Let go of your pre-conceived notions, your borrowed ideas of body shapes and your learned perception of the act. Discover it yourself. It is a unique experience for every individual. Try to know it only through personal experience. Let go of the things you might have heard from others (your idea of organs sizes etc.). Unlearn and de-condition yourself. Drop your insecurities completely. Be vulnerable. And most importantly try to let go of your ego. Which brings me to the final step.

3. Be present

This one may sound rather obvious but is important nonetheless. I am talking about being fully present-emotionally, physically and spiritually. On all levels. Try to drop your ego (I can’t stress it enough), try to switch off that judgemental self-talk.

“OK..she is what? Should I grab this or that? Will she think I’m desperate?”  OR  “Is she even enjoying it or is she just faking it?” OR in extreme situations, “oh shit! I’m going to fart…no…no…nooo..”

Sounds familiar? That’s your judgmental inner voice messing up your beautiful time. Here is the key. DON’T THINK. Go with the flow. Do what comes naturally. There are no stupid moves in this act.Be With the experience. Don’t focus on performance. Do not judge yourself or your partner. Go blank. Feel. If you feel like moaning, moan. Don’t mimic pornstars. Go at your own pace. Do whatsoever comes up. Explore and discover. Do not think about climaxing and orgasm.

It is a wonderful experience. Be totally available to it. And, remember one thing:

“Sex is a celebration, not a task”

So guys that’s the big secret, nothing more to it actually. Everything porn tells you about sex is questionable.

Discover it yourself. Try this pill-free approach.You will find that your world is changing for the better and you won’t be able to thank me enough (I accept gifts with an open heart, cash card, paytm, Don’t hesitate!) You can start with hitting the like button down below. If you find it useful, do share it with friends (and family, if you are feeling adventurous).